Bob Proctor – You Were Born Rich program episode 5: creating a new self

This is the fifth episode of Bob Proctors program You Were Born Rich. The time has now come to take one step closer into becoming Divine Creators, which is were we not only work in accordance with the universal laws but also were we go online with God and allow for God (and our future selves) to lead us along the path of our growth and unfolding – this is where we learn about creating a new self – or as we at The Love & Light Store would put it – re-create our inner reality.

In creating a new self is where Bob introduces the art of affirmative prayer, where we describe reality (the way we desire it to be) without asking or beseeching God to give us anything. In other words, we describe it as though it was already here.

This is also where the art of visioning comes in, which is a technique where we go beyond our ability to imagine, and where we open ourselves up to be open, available and receptive for God to guide us into God’s highest vision of us as individual, because in the process of creating ourselves we do not want to inhibit ourselves by our own limited ability to imagine. Our imagination is bound by our previous experiences, but allowing the infinite mind of God to flow in and through us opens ourselves up to that which is not bound by our past experiences. Through going online with God we may discover and then release our own unique and perfect nature.

If you missed the fourth episode of this program you may find it here. The sixth episode may be found here.

Blessings of Love & Light ?
The Love & Light Store Team ??


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