Being grateful aligns you to receiving

Stopping, being grateful and giving thanks on a continuous basis throughout the day and allows for more and more good to flow into your life.

As we grow and unfold it is only natural to look for evidence of our growth. One of them is our tendency to become more and more grateful. Over time being grateful becomes second nature to us. We come to realize that all is working for our good and that we in each moment have so much to be grateful for. As we grow and unfold our aptitude in the Art of Gratitude deepens.

Stepping out of time

Pausing and giving thanks moves us out of time. It takes us beyond the past, future, and present. Which is where the ego resides.

The eternal is as close as a deep conscious breath. Taking that breath we free ourselves from the egoic thought patterns. Patterns that have a tendency to be focused on what is not going well in our lives

As we anchor ourselves deep in the Holy Now we step out of time. This allows us to go beyond all the egoic projections. Projections of fear, worry, and doubt.

And so we come into an awareness that all of our needs are met. In the eternal, we realize that all is working for our good.

Being grateful is emitting a vibrational frequency

This, in turn, makes us even more available and receptive for increasingly good to flow into our lives. All is energy vibrating with different frequencies.

Universal law states that energy draws to it, and is drawn to energy vibrating with the same frequency.

Whatever our predominant vibration is will determine what experiences we will be inviting into our lives.

Another word for predominant vibration is our inner reality. Which is our core beliefs, paradigms, and perceptions.

And so as we allow ourselves to dwell on that which we have to be grateful for, we radiate the vibration of gratitude.

As we learn to appreciate and being grateful for all the good we already have in our lives, we then draw into our sphere more and more good to be grateful for.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited.

It comes either because we want it or because we don’t want it. The laws are no respecters of persons. Only of what we are interested in.

Which led Meister Eckhart to say:

If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You that will suffice

Meister Eckhart

Allow being grateful to be the order of your day

And so, as a spiritual practice, we need to learn to appreciate and give thanks for all the good we have in life.

Our health (physical, emotional and mental), the abundance we experience, the love we have, our inspiration and creativity, our insights As well as the path that we are on, who we are, where we are, what we are doing and so forth.

Stopping, being grateful and giving thanks on a continuously throughout the day allows for more and more good to flow into our life.

If we, in the moment find it hard to find something to be grateful for – we may give thanks for the fact that we can breathe.

A beautiful way to start the day is to, just as you wake up, silently or aloud give thanks for some of the things you are being grateful for.

Another equally powerful and beautiful evening routine to end the day is to go through the day and give thanks for all the good that you have experienced during the day.

Just this simple exercise trains your mind to turn our attention to all the good that eternally is present in your life.


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