Authenticity: Panache Desai interviewed by Women For One

Authenticity is aligning our human and our spiritual aspects

Authenticity, as Gary Zukav defines is aligning our personal self with our soul. This is a beautiful way of describing it. It beautifully points to the fact that there is nothing we need to add onto ourselves. There is nothing we need to become. We simply need to get to know our soul and allow it to radiate and shine through us.

Our purpose here on this planet is not to hoard, acquire or to win against others. We are here to discover and release our True self. Our purpose is to allow ourselves to move from level to level in greatness and grandness. Thus revealing the face of God to an forever greater and greater extent.

Authenticity is being who we are truly are. Who we are beyond our CV, beyond our credentials. Beyond our achievements, beyond the egoic opinions.

We are worthy of acceptance and appreciation for who we are

As we come into full appreciation and acceptance for who we are. Not just our quirks and flaws. But our greatness, our excellence and our magnificence as well. It takes courage to stand up for and own that which we are good at, but as we do – we are aligned with our soul.

Our worth and value is constant and infinite, so in the mind of God, so here on earth. Only, we have been told stories and fantasies, since birth, about who we are, about how we should be and so we loose track of what is Real and True.

Allow love and compassion overflow you

It is important to always remember that these stories have bee told to us, not through ill will or malice but through ignorance. Ignorance is the only villain there ever is and so we need to have love and compassion for those who told us our stories, and through the act of forgiving setting both them and ourselves free to travel our path according to our individual pattern and mission.

We also need to realize that if it hadn’t been for them and the stories (that they once had been led to believe) we wouldn’t be who and where we are in this moment – and so that is something to be eternally grateful for.

Watch Panache Desai being interveiwed by Women for One and Kelly McNelis, openheartedly and honestly sharing his journey, thoughts on authenticity and what the soul signature is.

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