Without intention we let the attention control our lives

Having an intention gives meaning and direction to our lives. It provides a beacon toward which we may navigate. It gives direction for our attention.

If you ask the average individual what they want they will most likely not be able to give you an answer. The thing with people is that they don’t know what they really want and so they have no real intention in life. Another thing with most people is that have no or at best little dominion over their attention.

When attention runs amok

The average individual allows the outside world grab their attention. Their attention is then moved in whatever direction is the most popular or trendy at the time. They may be watching the news broadcast telling of how much violence and misery there is in the world.

And since they let the world dictate their attention the immediately are moved into the opinion that the world is headed for hell.

They are not exercising their intrinsic dominion over their attention and so it runs amok.

We are spiritual beings not here to have a human experience

Now, if they would just stop for a minute, and consciously ask themselves if what they had just seen on the TV is really true, they would come to the conclusion that the answer is no.

It is not the truth that there is only violence and misery in the world.

Each and every day lot’s and lot’s of people engage in loving compassionate acts. There is generosity going on everywhere.

All over the world, individuals are going out of their way to help others. New technologies are constantly being discovered. Technology that will be of great benefit for the planet.

There is less and less violence on the planet, miracles happen everywhere and all of the time.

The thing is though, that all the good is rarely being talked about on the news.

We are, however, not here to merely be influenced by an outside source. Even though that is the case for most individuals. We are spiritual beings, but we are not here to have a human experience.

The human experience or condition is one of madness or insanity. It is not our lot to just drown in that.

We are spiritual beings here to rise above the human experience

As spiritual beings, we are here to in fact rise above the human experience. We are here to learn to exercise dominion over our attention that we may be of benefit to humanity. We have all been given the Divine gift of independent thinking.

This allows us to think, freely and independently of any circumstance. However, it is hard to do so without having a clear intention or a vision for our lives. Which is the case for most individuals.

Imagine, if you will, a ship at sea. This ship has no clear destination. The captain of the ship does not have a clue as to where they are supposed to go. What would that ship be doing?

Chances are that it would either not be going anywhere, or they would be going back and forth, in circles – not really going anywhere.

The same with most people. They have no intention which allows for their attention to randomly jump from one thing to the next.

Intention creates direction for our attention

Having an intention or a vision gives meaning and direction to our lives. It provides a beacon or guiding light toward which we may navigate. It also gives direction to our attention.

If we have an intention of becoming more loving and compassionate, in order for us to move into that field, it means we need to release and let go of opinions and blame.

In effect that calls for us to turn our attention away from everything that would support us being opinionated and blaming.

Having an intention puts us in control of our lives. However, we want to point out that even though we may create an intention for our lives, we are never here to make anything happen.

We are simply here to surrender to and allow for that which is already happening. To make it welcome.

If you feel you are missing an intention or a vision for your life, we invite you to take part in Michael Bernard Beckwith’s Life Visioning Process. A beautiful way of becoming open, available and receptive to catch insights from the soul.

Setting or creating an intention for us and our lives is a fundamental spiritual practice. Not only does it bring clarity to our minds, it also helps the sacred laws to work for us, rather than against us.


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