Anita Moorjani – Connecting with your inner Guidance

God is forever talking to us and since God is all and is in all it means that the ways God is talking to us are infinite – it may be a characters line in a movie, it may be a billboard message, it may be something we’ve heard on the radio, maybe we overheard a conversation, or maybe somebody said something to us directly; that triggers something within us and gives us either answers or guidance in another form. Another way through which God is constantly communicating, guiding and leading us is that still small voice within us always whispering words of love and wisdom to us. This inner guidance is always available to each and every one of us prone to listen.

The thing though is that, most individuals are not aware that they are being guided and so even though God is constantly broadcasting the are not in tune with that and so they are not open, available and receptive to receive the guidance. And for those individual that are aware that they are that there is constant guidance available are predominately trapped in time where the incessant chatter is making too much noise for them to hear.

Through becoming still, anchoring ourselves in the Holy Now – which does not necessarily mean that we need to engage in formal meditation all of the time, we may access our inner guidance system, we may go online with God and tune in to the vibration of being receptive to inner guidance.

Life would be so much easier and more joyful if individuals learned to make themselves open, available and receptive to the infinite wisdom, intelligence and creativity that is forever flowing through us. God is forever for us, never against us, always desiring for us to surrender to and allow for greater and grander versions of ourselves to emerge in and through us.

Watch Anita Moorjani share her thoughts on allowing our inner guidance to lead our steps.

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