Alone time is as important to me as breathing – by Daniel Roquéo

Daniel Roquéo, founder of The Love & Light Store

Gradually I come to deeper and deeper realization that alone time, to me, is as important to me as breathing. For my sanity, for my spiritual growth and unfolding – it is a must. I cannot go without it.

A time of discovery

Over the last year or so, something has shifted within me. I do not operate the way I used to. I do not do the things I used to do.

And I do not do things the way I used to do them.

On so many levels this changes is becoming clear to me. But perhaps the greatest sign is that my need for alone time has become more important to fulfill than my body’s need for food.

The term “alone time” came to me only a short while ago. The moment I heard it I knew that’s what it was.

It is not me-time. Nor is it time being lonely. It is not fear of being around other individuals.

But it is me spending time with myself alone, that I may reconnect with my Higher self. Reconnect with God.

This is all new to me. I have not been this way before.

Sure, I have always been somewhat of a loner enjoying my company. But before, it didn’t really matter how I spent that time alone, as long as I had it.

That is all changing now. I am on a beautiful path of discovery.

A new me is emerging

There is a shift occurring within me. Something is transforming. That which used to be me, is no more.

Something else is emerging. A new version of being me.

I know this of course. I mean it is not new to me that I don’t recognize who I am as oppose to who I used to be. This is what awakening is all about.

And awakening has for a few years, been what my life is all about.

However, I perceive this to be one of the most major shifts I have ever experienced. It is such a dramatic shift, that I am having a heard time explaining it to myself and others.

Maybe explaining is not really the right word as it needs no explaining. But articulating or understanding. At times I am struggling to understand it.

And as I can’t really understand it myself – I find it hard to articulate to others. As my family for instance.

Alone time is boosting my own unique energetic field

These moments of alone time have become more important than perhaps any and everything else in my life. Only second to actual breathing.

I know I am taking good care of myself, eating healthy, exercising (perhaps not as much as I’d like) and all of that. But all of that seems not to matter as long as I get my moments of alone time.

It is during these alone times that I get to strengthen and empower my own energetic field. I get to connect and reconnect with my Higher Self. With God. With my soul.

Alone time is not the same as meditation. It is not prayer. Although meditation and prayer are vital components of the alone time, they are not synonymous.

The alone time is doing maintenance work on my own unique energetic field. Boosting and reinforcing it with Love and peace, and joy, and harmony and abundance and health.

Alone time is building the foundation of the future me.

Taking the time to be alone is consciously taking the time to integrate insights and revelations. It is taking the time to cultivate and expand on the vision for my life.

In other words, taking time to be alone (which has nothing to do with being lonely, is investing in myself and in my future.

Of course, I use the alone time for prayer and meditation, but it is not all about that. It is not all about spiritual practices, even though they make up for a major part of my life and my day.

Choosing to be alone, which funnily enough, may be me sitting in a coffee shop, writing, looking at other individuals, contemplating or just allowing myself to drift off to wherever my mind takes me, is building the foundation, the field, that will lead me forward along my particular path.

Thank you God, for guiding and leading me forever forward

It is filled with gratitude that I am writing this as I am so grateful, beyond words, for who I am, where I am and where I am headed.

Little did I know a number of years back, that this is where my life would take me.

Little do I know, where my path is leading me. But oh, how I know, that wherever it is I am being led and guided, it is a place of so much more good than I know realize and know.

I know so because that is what the still small voice within me is telling me. I know so because that is what my heart is telling me.

And I know so because that has continuously been my experience over the last few years.

I know that God is always for me, always seeking to guide and lead me to grow. To unfold. And to expand.

That I may always allow for the next greater and grander version of myself to emerge. That I may always surrender to that which is seeking to emerge in and as me.

That is what God wants for me. That is what God wants for all of us.

I am so grateful that I have come to know this. There was a time when I didn’t. Those times are now gone. Something new is being born, today, in this moment.

With much Love and Light
Daniel Roquéo


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