Allowing is the tricky part in receiving

Many people get stuck at the level of asking. They have not yet learned that asking is not enough. They need to be allowing in order to receive.

As we embark upon the path of sacred manifestation, we eventually come to realize that we are not here to make anything happen but simply allow that which is happening to happen in and through us. However, allowing is not as easy as it sounds.

Ask and you shall receive

On the spiritual path, we at one time or another come to realize that our lives are governed by sacred laws.

We come to see that there is only perfect order in the cosmos. That nothing happens out of luck or happenstance.

We learn that nothing comes into our experience uninvited, but that it is our inner reality that is reflected in our external world.

And so we learn to ask, that we may receive.

For so many people though they get stuck at the level of asking. They have not yet learned that asking is not enough.

They need to be allowing in order to receive. Asking is really the easy part. Allowing is the tricky part.

Most awakening individuals learn to, at some level, decide on what they want and desire. They learn to train their minds to shift the focus from what they do not want to what they do want.

Then they ask for it. Why is it then that so many people never get what they ask for? What does it mean to be allowing?

Allowing is aligning our inner reality with that which we desire to manifest – thus making it welcome

We are all vibrational beings radiating energy frequencies at all times. Energy with one vibrational frequency draws to it and is at the same time drawn to energy with the same vibrational frequency.

Our predominant vibration is dictated by our inner reality or our inner truth. Our inner reality may be described as that which we know that we know that we know.

Allowing something to manifest in our lives means to do the inner work necessary to raise our vibration to match that which we desires to manifest.

When there is a vibrational match – it will manifest. When there is no vibrational match, it will not manifest – other than sometimes very briefly.

And then simply through manipulation of the sacred laws.

There is a statement: You first must be before you can do or have something.

This statement illustrates the importance of the inner reality. Many people want to change their outer circumstances without having to change themselves.

This simply cannot be. If we want something – anything, to change in our lives, we first need to vibrationally align ourselves to match that change.

This means that it is not enough to know what to ask for. We need to do the inner work necessary to make this something welcome.

That is, we need to release all resistance – thoughts of us not being worthy of it. Thoughts of how, through which means, this something should be delivered to us and so fort.

Allowing means that we, re-create our inner reality to be in alignment with that which we desire to manifest. We need to know, not only that we will receive it, but that we already have it.

In scripture it says something to the effect of: Ask and believe that ye already have it.

Manifesting financial abundance.

A hot topic or subject for many individuals is money, so let’s use that as an example to illustrate this point. An individual may be asking for financial abundance.

They may have learned to ask in an affirmative way, in the present tense as though they already have that financial abundance.

They may visualize themselves with all sorts of money doing all kinds of things with it. So on one level, they seem to be having that vibrational match with having lots of money.

On a subconscious level though, they may carry a great deal of resistance towards money. They may subconsciously live in a vibration of lack, scarcity and not enoughness.

And so whenever they are to buy or pay something, they have an immediate reaction of fear, worry or doubt. Thinking that they don’t really afford to buy this thing.

Or that if they do buy this thing they will have to cut down on something else.

They may have a sort of love/hate relationship with money. They may want it but at the same time resent individuals who have it or has a frivolous lifestyle.

In substance they are not allowing money to flow into their lives. All of this resistance, the fear, the worry and doubt is blocking money from abundantly flowing to and through them.

There would have to be a release and letting go of their negatively charged opinions about money. Only then would they be allowing financial abundance into their lives.

Let’s open the subconscious door allowing good to flow into our lives

The subconscious sometimes is like a door slammed shut. On a conscious level, we may invite something into our experience, but on the subconscious level, the way into our experience is a door shut and barred.

There is no allowing the desired to enter into our lives.

In order to find that vibrational alignment or match we need to shine the light of consciousness upon our fears, worries and doubts.

We need to work on our self-worth and selflove that we truly and honestly feel that we deserve to have all of the good in life.

Re-creating that inner reality is really tough work, but the good news is that it can be done.

We don’t always get what we desire, but we always get what we need

Last but not least we need to briefly touch on the various openings of manifestation. Reading the text above might give the impression that if we only learn the right techniques we will instantly get all that which we desire in life.

That, of course, is a very limited perspective since our very reason for being here on the planet is to grow and unfold.

Our souls made a plan for us before we incarnated, in which was included for us to have specific experiences. On our infinite path, we need to encounter various aspects of life in order to release and let go of things we need to release and let go.

And so some experiences might seem to come into our lives even though we have done all this inner work to become Divine Creators.

What we need to know and realize then is that on some level, either on the level of our human incarnation or on our soul level we have vibrationally invited these experiences. We don’t always get what we want, but we always do get all that we need.

Nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. Having said that we need to be loving and compassionate with ourselves, never blaming ourselves for “causing” certain experiences.

Maybe the were pre-constructed before we even entered into this human form.


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