Allow your vision to pull you forth along your path

This is allowing the vision to pull us, allowing the Divine order to move us into vibrational alignment with the field of sacred manifestation.

Oftentimes individuals perceive Life and the happenings it contains to be strokes of luck, chance, and haphazardness. They perceive Life to be happening to them, beyond their control. This, of course is never so, as there is only Divine order in the cosmos. The sacred laws are always operating pulling us toward the vision that we, either consciously or unconsciously have set for ourselves and our lives. Toward that which we either consciously or unconsciously have placed ourselves in vibrational alignment with.

Life is a beautiful adventure

Life is nothing but a journey. An adventure. And a magical adventure at that. What this means is that Life is always on the move. Always changing.

The evolutionary impulse that penetrates and permeates the cosmos sees to this. In other words everything is in motion, from the old to the new.

What we have to realize though is that there is never chance, or luck to anything about Life. Life never happens to us but always through us. The sacred laws are always in operation reflecting back and mirroring that which we think about the most. That which we feel about the most. Regardless of whether it is what we want or what we don’t want.

There is only Divine order in the cosmos

This is the Divine order. Whatever we are in vibrational alignment with, will emerge into our experience. It will not happen to us but it will come through us. From the depths of our consciousness, it emerges and takes shape in the exterior world. Truly everything is radiated from within.

It is like the saying goes; things don’t just happen – they happen just.

The sacred laws don’t care about who we are, where we were born, where we come from or anything like that. They only care about where our consciousness is. What we think about, what we feel about. Because it is that which we think about with feeling that makes up for our vibration, our frequency.

And whatever we are in vibrational alignment with, whenever there is a match there – there is nothing that can and will not manifest in our lives. Realizing this allows for us to move into the conscious field of sacred manifestation.

Another way of saying this is that nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. It either comes because we want it or because we don’t want it.

Which is why it is of such importance that we, as awakening individuals, choose the direction of our lives. That become still enough that we may catch the desires of our hearts. Catch God‘s highest vision for our lives.

That we may move from being unconscious observants to becoming conscious participants in the growth and unfolding of our souls.

As soon as we say Yes to our vision, things begin to move

And so, as we become still, we may ask questions such as: What is God’s highest vision for me and my life? or What is seeking to emerge in and through me in this moment?

As we ask such questions, and as we become still enough to catch the answer, we make ourselves open and available for the still small voice to begin to guide and lead us. Because it will always answer any question we ask. Ask and the answer will be given.

But asking is not enough. Not even making ourselves open and available to catch the answer is enough. As we have asked, as we have caught – it all comes down to us saying Yes to that which we have caught.

Unless and until we have said Yes, declared our willingness to participate in the manifestation of the vision – nothing will happen. The sacred laws can not go to work, God cannot lead and guide us – until we have said Yes. Until we have become willing.

But the moment we do, things begin to move. The moment we do – we are being moved. In alignment with the unfolding of the vision.

From here on out, we are being prepared and pulled

From the moment we commit to the vision, say yes and declare our willingness to be the vehicle through which it emerges into this dimension – we begin to be pulled by it. In ways, beyond what we may comprehend, God and the sacred laws begin to design and orchestrate the best way for the vision to come into manifestation.

Not by us, but through us.

It is not up to us to make the vision manifest, to make it happen. Our only job is to place ourselves in vibrational alignment that the vision may come forth through us. All in full accord with the Divine order that is always at play.

And so we will begin to be guided and pulled to circumstances and experiences that will move us ever forth along the path of the vision’s unfolding. Oftentimes without us even being aware of taking steps in it’s direction.

Oftentimes it is not until afterwords that we realize that we have take these steps. That we have moved closer to the full realization and sacred manifestation of the vision. We truly are being pulled and guided.

To the uninitiated, it may all seem and appear as chance, happenstance and serendipity, but to the trained eye – the Divine order underneath all appearance – is clearly felt and realized.

Gratitude is a major key in the unfolding of the vision

And so, we have the vision. We allow it to pull us forth along the path of manifestation, gradually, incrementally and sometimes invisibly. Through our willingness to surrender to it, to allow the sacred manifestation to take place in and through us we become open and available for it to emerge through us.

What is left is being grateful and thankful for it. For all the gifts, blessings and opportunities that come with the unfolding of the vision. Grateful fo all the growth that we are called to participate in order for the vision to emerge through us. For all the lessons that we get to learn. Thankful for all the good that, through the vision, flows into our lives.

And grateful for the full manifestation of it. Even before it has fully emerged into this dimension, we want to give thanks for it. In the mind of God, it is done.

To God’s eyes, it is already fully manifested. It is only to our limited perception that it seems not to be, but even though we cannot fully see it, we want to give thanks for it as though it had already come into fruition.

Taking on the vibration of gratitude for it having already become, truly is being in vibrational alignment with the full realization of the vision. This is sacred manifestation, surrendering to, and allowing the Divine order to move and guide us.

This is allowing the vision to pull us, ever forward in the beautiful adventure that sacred manifestation, Divine creation truly is.


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