All of our needs are met

Without asking for anything in return God is always seeking to give to us; and see to it that all of our needs are always met to the overflowing

God, is pure Love, it is not loving, she is LOVE. Since love may be defined as the unconditional, agenda less giving, without holding anything back, and without asking for anything in return God is always seeking to give to us; and see to it that all of our needs are always met to the overflowing.

God is perennially giving, fully and freely

Receiving is having created an inner reality that corresponds to that which we desire. Making ourselves a vibrational match. Every experience and perception of lack and scarcity is come out of the egoic illusion.

It is never that God refuses to give to us. Never does God refuse us to have good in life. On the contrary. God never withholds anything from any of us. There is never lack or scarcity other than in the minds of man.

The ego’s mantra is “I am not enough and there is not enough”. As long as we as individuals hold that mantra as truth, that will inevitably be our experience.

The Truth however is that att all times, all of our needs are met. If only we are open and available to receive them. In order to receive we need to do the inner work necessary, through meditation, through visioning, through affirmative prayer, through giving thanks, that we create the inner reality of already having that which we desire to see manifest.

Having all of our needs met is vibrationally aligning with abundance

Receiving is doing what it takes to create a vibrational match that serves as a welcome mat for that which is terminally being given by God. It is not our job to make anything happen, only to make welcome.

We come to know it as a truism that when we have vibrationally aligned ourselves, created an inner reality matching that which we desire to manifest there is nothing that we cannot manifest. It is all about allowing, all about making welcome.

Energy flows where attention goes and so if our inner reality is one of lack and scarcity where we never have our needs met, where we never have enough – sure as it is going to get dark – that will be experience in life.

But if we create an inner reality of and a vibrational match with the Truth that we always have more than we need, and that more good than we can imagine is on it’s way – then that will be tomorrows reality.

Spiritual practice lays the groundwork for receiving

However, as we vision, visualize and affirm, we must not visualize as having our needs met sometime in the future. That will only send the vibrational message that we don’t have it yet – and the having yet is what God will respond to – it is the only thing God can respond to.

We need to visualize and affirm that we have our needs met right now, in this instant and always. That is a different vibration and according to law, that is what God will respond to and send our way. “Pray, believing that ye have it” it is supposedly stated in the Bible. This is what affirmative prayer is all about.

If you want to indulge yourself in the Law of Attraction here is a series by Abraham Hicks explaining this.


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