All is working for our good, let’s give perpetual thanks for it

All is working for our good and it is so by Divine design - even when we cannot see or perceive the good in that which happens.

God’s will is always for greater expression of all of life. That is God’s deepest desire and the ultimate will of God. As singular manifestations of God, that is what God desires for each and every one of us as well. To that end, God is for us never against us. All is working for our good and it is so by Divine design.

The will of God is greater expression of life

God is eternally seeking to become more conscious of itself, to be more of itself. This is why life was created. This is the purpose of all of life. God is all, is in all and is everywhere.

You are one with God, God is one with you. That’s not merely a good sounding affirmation – that is a fundamental Truth.

Just like the wave is a part of the ocean, never separate. And just like the sunbeam is forever connected to the sun. We are eternally as much in God as God is in us.

If the wave, even for an instant was cut off from the ocean, or the sunbeam was disconnected from the sun – they would both cease to exist.

In fact, the word individual means undivided, undivided from the whole.

God is forever for you, never against you

God’s deepest desire is that each of us comes to a forever greater and grander expression of our unique and individual soul.

That is the will of God. God wants this because God itself wants to come into a forever greater and fuller expression of that which God is.

God cannot become more of what God is, God already is all that God can be, but that which is may come into a greater and grander expression.

Which is why all of Life exists.

And so, what you need to realize is that God is forever for you, never against you. God never seeks to keep you from more and more good. God never seeks to deny you anything.

Everything has already been given to you, however that which is given, is not free. But it comes at a cost.

The cost of releasing the old, the small, and the limited. That the new and expanded may emerge from within you.

Each challenge is a Divine gift and blessing of transformation

Whenever you encounter a challenge – you may even call it a problem; it is not God standing in the way of you receiving greater good.

God will do no such thing.

But the challenge or obstacle arises out of a small and limited perception or perspective. That needs to be released and let go of.

We have all come here for one reason, and one reason only – to grow, to unfold, and to expand. To allow more Love, Light, generosity, kindness, creativity, and beauty to flow through us – to emerge from within us.

That is why you have chosen to come here. You may not have realized it yet, but that makes no difference.

You are here on purpose and you have come with a purpose.

And so, All of your challenges are uniquely designed for you to help you grow and unfold according to your unique pattern and path. According to your Divine purpose and your mission here on this planet.

They are unique, which means that no one else will encounter the exact same challenge as you. Your challenges have been designed and orchestrated according to your path.

Everything is working for your good

And so, when you encounter a challenge, in order for you to find the way through the challenge, you need to become open and available to catch the answer or the solution.

You will not find the answer to your challenges by sticking to the same mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that gave rise to the challenge.

But you need to grow. You need to unfold and expand. Therein lies the gift and the blessing of your challenges.

Contracting will not see you through the challenge, but expanding will.

In other words, as you move through your challenges, you need to release and let go of the small and the limited, that something new and expanded may emerge.

This is how everything is working for your good.

Your challenges are steppingstones into a greater and grander version of who and what you are.

They are the openings through which you move into forever expanding states of consciousness.

Powerful questions to ask

As you find yourself facing a challenge – there are some questions that will help you be open and available for the solution to be revealed to you.

You don’t want to ask debilitating or disempowering questions such as “Why me?’, or “Why again?”

Every question you ask has an answer, however, the answer to those questions will only give you a bunch of reasons as to why you will never make it, why you will always be kept in struggle and strife.

The answer to those questions does not serve you. They will not help you grow through your challenge but they will keep you right where you are.

And so, instead, you want to ask empowering questions. These are questions that will make you open and available to catch the answer you need to navigate through your challenge.

These questions are:

  • What good is here that I presently can not see?
  • What is my lesson here?
  • How can I grow through this

As you ask these questions, you will not change your situation or circumstance. Nor will you change God, but you will change your perception, your perspective.

As you ask them and stay open and receptive to catch the answer – it will be revealed to you.

You will find yourself taking on a new perspective, seeing the situation through different eyes. As by the sacred laws.

You will now seek the lesson and the blessing contained in the challenge.

Let’s be grateful for everything

And so please realized that whatever challenge you find yourself in, it is not to be cursed but it is to be blessed.

And the funny thing is that taking on the vibration of gratitude is what opens you up and makes you receptive and available for the answer to be revealed.

And so you want to bless every mess you find yourself in. You don’t have to see the blessing within the mess. You just need to know and feel that it is there – and it will be revealed.

Giving perpetual thanks for virtually everything is the embodiment of the realization that absolutely all is working for your good – personally and collectively.

Even the good that happens in another’s life is for our benefit since we are all one.

Any experience of separation is only an illusion born out of ignorance – not by our fault but by our ego.

Recognizing that all is working for your good and giving thanks for all is deeply connecting to that which cannot be seen by the eyes nor heard by the ears.

It is acknowledging the invisible fully knowing that God is always for us, never against us.

Give thanks for everything, knowing that all is working for your good. Being in a perpetual state of gratitude is bringing Heaven to earth, not as a place but as a state.

Gratitude is a powerful spiritual practice. Aligning you with receiving the good that God eternally is seeking to give us.

This is where the magic begins. Let this be and so be it.

Bless your mess and allow for your challenges to turn into blessings.


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