Adopt a childlike nature

If you are serious about being a conscious participant in your souls evolution - adopting a childlike nature will help to anchor yourself in the Holy Now.

One of the great challenges on the spiritual path is finding a way to keep one foot in time and the other in the Holy Now. The Holy Now is the eternal, that which is beyond time. Adopting a childlike nature is a simple yet powerful technique to move deeply into the Holy Now.

Being anchored in the Holy Now

Most people live their lives trapped in time, jumping from the past to the present to the future. They are constantly thinking about something, something that has happened, that is happening or that might happen.

One thought or train of thought is immediately followed by another. It is like being on a busy freeway where there is no end to the cars – they just keep passing by.

In this state, it is all but impossible to find the peace and stillness that dwells within us. And for most people, while preoccupied with the mental noise they are not open and available to the still small voice of intuition within them.

Life is meant easy and flowing – never a struggle

Life, lived trapped in time becomes a struggle. It is a life where lack, limitation, scarcity, and separation is reality. This is not how God meant for us to experience life.

Life can be, and is meant to be, easy and flowing. It is supposed to be sort of like going river rafting. You don’t have to struggle, just go with the flow.

Sometimes the ride is smooth, sometimes it’s all you can do to hold on, but you don’t have to force your way downstream. The current keeps your momentum going.

The same with life. The current of Life is the evolutionary impulse that permeates all living beings. It is the innate urge to grow and expand. To become more and never less than what is right now.

All we need to do is to jump into the current and allow it to sweep us downstream toward the next stage of our evolution. Now, as when going river rafting a floating device is necessary – in real life we need something to keep us afloat. Something to keep us from being dragged under by the undercurrents of time and the ego.

This is where the adopting the childlike nature comes in. We want to make it clear that we are not, here talking about formal meditation where we consciously set aside time and space to meditate. What we are talking about are maintaining a level of presence throughout the day.

What is the childlike nature?

You may have heard from time to time that adopting a childlike nature is beneficial to our spiritual growth. But what does it mean to be childlike?

Mind, that we are not talking about being childish and immature, but being childlike.

What is it that a child does? It is curious, open, available, humble. It wants to investigate, it wants to discover, it wants to find answers. And it intuitively knows that the intellect cannot assist in any of these tasks. So the child moves deeply into the present moment.

Have you ever observed a young child, three or for years of age, as they walk in nature. They are present with nature, looking and observing.

A child may see the leaves on the tree – not as a collective bunch of leaves, but they may choose to look at one leaf in particular. They stop in their tracks to look at bugs, ants, and beetles – not that they later can name them as this or that, but simply to look at it. To observe it.

They hear sounds, the see the smallest thing. They investigate without the need to put labels on whatever it is that they are investigating.

And while they are doing this, they are not worried or concerned with what happened earlier that day, nor do they stop to think much of what will happen tomorrow. They simply allow themselves to be.

As adults we have much to learn (or remember) from our children. How to stay present is one thing. How to be open and available is another. Young children are not yet trapped in egoic need to be validated or approved of, and so they have no quarrels with not knowing.

They freely admit that they don’t know and then they seek the answer.

Adopting a childlike nature is a spiritual practice

For most of us adults, we have to have the answer to all of life’s challenges. Some of them may be solved on an intellectual level, but along the spiritual path that is not so.

We cannot figure and reason our way into how to become more loving, more generous or more forgiving.

We need to stop let out brain to the thinking and allow for our heart and soul to guide us to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

This calls for the building and strengthening of presence muscles, which is once again, where adopting the childlike nature comes in. As we move throughout the day we would benefit from allowing our full attention to dwell on that which is in the present moment.

Perhaps as we are walking to or from our car. Maybe when we are in the shower, or when we are cooking. It may be that you make it a point to listen to another individual with your full attention.

Refraining from making comments or giving advice. Just simply listen. This is to go online with God.

It doesn’t matter how or where we do it. As long as we on a continuous and consistent basis allow for ourselves to move deeply into the Holy Now.

This may call for a change of habit. It may be a real challenge for you. But if you are serious about being a conscious participant in your souls evolution – you have to find a way to remain increasingly anchored in the Holy Now.

All of this is spiritually practicing to anchor ourselves in the nowness of this moment. Staying open and available for the presence and beauty of God to be


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