Eckhart Tolle – Abundance radiates from within

Abundance radiates from within

Many individuals are living imprisoned by the egoic illusion of lack and separation. They have a perception of not having enough and they desperately seek to get that which they are lacking. They move along the path of life seeking and seeking. Only, for many people never to find what they are seeking. Abundance radiates from within us.

We are not here to get anything from the world. In fact, the world really has nothing to give us. Not anything that really matters at least. Us humans need to wake up to the fact that we intrinsically have all that we need within us.

All of that which we desire, all of that which we think we need, all of that which we need is to find within. It all radiates from within us

Abundance radiates from within us. Peace radiates from within us. Love radiates from within us. Health radiates from within us. Strength and poise radiates from within us.

We can only receive that which we give

Everything is energetic vibrations. We are vibrational beings. Our vibration is like a cosmic transmitter sending signals and messages into the cosmos. God, is the radio station picking up those signals and messages playing them back to us. Now God can only play back that which we send out.

If an individual is walking through life seeing only lack, that is what God will play back to them. When our primary signal is one of disease God cannot help but play back that song to us. If a person places there attention on what is good and right in their lives – that song will be repeated and multiplied by God. That is how it works.

It is our inner reality, the vibrational signal we send out that will manifest in our lives. Of course there is nothing personal about this. The Laws are strictly impersonal.

We are not here to make it happen but to make it welcome

And so, we need to realize that we are not here to get anything. We are not even here to make anything happen. We are simply here to make the good welcome into our lives.

Just as we open the door when a good friend is coming to visit we need to open our vibrational door to let the good come in. We are always provided for by God, only we need to let her provide for us.

In this sense abundance radiates from within – we need to open the door to let it in. God is perennially sending good, including abundance our way, but we need to be able to allow it to receive it. Allowing though is sometimes the tricky part.

Gratitude opens the door to the storehouse of good

The Art of Gratitude is the key that allows for the good to flow into our lives. Gratitude is realizing and acknowledging all the good we have in life.

When Gratitude become our primary vibrational signal God will play that back to us, that we may have more to be grateful for.

Watch Eckhart Tolle and Oprah in their conversation about how abundance radiates from within us and that it does so through the means of gratitude.

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