About us

The initial vision of The Love & Light Store was, as the name implies a vision of bringing spiritual messages and truths to the world in the shape of an e-commerce store. That is how it all began.

Gradually, in full alignment with the will of God, that vision has (and continuous to) grown and expanded into what we now perceive to be our purpose; to be in the service of God for the benefit of humanity and our mission; to be a global, living, thriving and loving spiritual community for the awakening individual.

At first glance it may seem as though the vision that we now are on the path toward is totally different from our initial vision, but this is not so. It is merely that our perspective has just expanded.

The vision has grown, now containing a greater and grander purpose that we may make a valuable contribution to making our world a better place for all beings inhabiting it.

It is our intention to remain open, available and receptive that we, in our continuous unfolding, may allow for greater and grander versions of The Love & Light Store to emerge in and through us. Individually as well as collectively.

Our intention

The Intention of the Love & Light Store is to be a be an eternally expanding channel for God’s Love & Light on the planet

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Our Purpose

The purpose of The Love & Light Store is to allow to forever and increasingly be in the service of God for the good of all beings on the planet

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Our Mission

The Mission of The Love & Light Store is to be a loving sanctuary, a safe haven for any and all awakening beings.

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About Daniel Roquéo

Daniel Roquéo a freelance writer and the founder of The Love & Light Store.

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