Try this powerful evening routine to end your day in a high vibration

We would like to share a powerful evening routine. If you use it regularly and consistently will bring about beautiful results. In terms of ending the day in a peaceful and beautiful vibration. Give thanks, forgive and offer a prayer for those in need.

A powerful evening routine for elevating your vibration

This evening routine allows you to end your day and in a loving and compassionate manner. Regardless of what has happened during the day.

It is a routine consisting of three different parts: Giving thanks, forgiveness and offering a prayer for those in need.

Depending on what comes up during the different parts it takes all from a few minutes up to several minutes to complete.

As with all spiritual practices, it needs to be practiced on a regular and consistent basis for best effect.

1) Give thanks

Each night before you turn off the light to go to sleep you first mentally make a list of all the things you are grateful for.

It may be your amazing family. The great health you enjoy. The beautiful companionship of your body. All the opportunities for giving and sharing you are presented with.

It may be the abundance you that is all around you. Perhaps that you are you and that you are where you are.

Basically, you allow yourself to feel and to express gratitude for all the good you have in life, what your life is all about and where you are being guided in life.

This simple yet powerful gratitude exercise will increase your vibrational state. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself overwhelmed by all the good you have.

As you train yourself to turn your attention to the good that you have your gratitude muscles strengthen.

You will find that i becomes increasingly easy it will be for you to be open, available and receptive.

As decreed by the sacred laws; the more grateful you are, the more good will flow into your life.

God is forever for you and never against you. It is God’s greatest desire that you may have all the good in life.

That you may come into forever greater and grander expressions of yourself. This is done through surrendering and allowing.

2) Forgive

The second part of the evening routine is where you free yourself from any negativity you hold on to. This may be in the form of resentment, anger, animosity, blame and so forth.

Through the Art of Forgiveness, you get to clean up your day. Making sure that you do not carry negativity into your sleep.

In the space of stillness, you ask if there is anyone you need to forgive. In other words, is there anyone you are currently harboring negative emotions towards; anger, resentment, jealousy, etc.

As you allow yourself to go within, you will become aware of any such emotions dwelling within your heart and soul.

Whenever you do become aware of any such negativity, you then go through this following exercise in forgiveness. 

As you become aware of whom it is your heart retains resentment or animosity toward, you lovingly and compassionately remind yourself that:

Everybody is always doing the best the know how to

At all times all of us are always doing the very best we can from our present level of awareness.

It has been said that choice is a function of awareness.

That means that an individual can only choose according to their level of awareness. So if anyone has said or done something that your ego perceives as negative, it still means they did the best they knew how to in that particular situation.

Reminding yourself of this, will bring into your consciousness, the futility of demanding anyone to act beyond their ability and level of awareness.

This will allow you to dissolve and transcend the feelings of resentment and animosity.

That you instead may invite feelings of love and compassion toward that particular individual.

Compassion may be said to be the understanding of another’s lack of understanding and so forgiveness is actually an act of compassion.

The gift of independent thought

As spiritual beings of Love & Light, we have all been endowed with the gift of independent thinking. Allowing us to think independently of any circumstance. 

Being that you have this gift of independent thinking you don’t have to indulge in blaming or playing the role of the victim.

No one really has the power to make you think or feel anything unless you actually give them that power.

This means that you can choose to respond with love and compassion rather than reacting with egoic fear.

Gently remind yourself that all lingering negative emotions are like poison to your body, mind, and soul.

Causing yourself a lot more harm than it does to the other person. And so there is absolutely no reason to cling to them when you have the choice of releasing them.

Blame and judgment have no value in the unfoldment of the soul so the sooner you can let them go the better.

Love, light, joy, happiness, freedom, and harmony are Divine qualities. Thus, they do not come from the ego’s need to be right or passing judgment over the outer circumstances being what they are.

Instead, they arise from within as you realize that they have always been there and as you allow for them to fill your being.

Forgiveness is actually always self-forgiveness

The second part of this powerful evening routine is about forgiveness.

We are all one.  You are one with all.

We are all unique and perfect expressions of God, meaning that there is no separation between any of us.

Any resentment or animosity you carry toward a fellow human, you ultimately carry toward yourself.

Forgiveness in that sense, then is actually always self-forgiveness.

Sometimes it is just too hard to let go of negativity toward another. Your ego may loudly demand that you are under no obligation to forgive another, that it is the other individual that should apologize to you.

Then we may ask God for help simply surrendering and saying: God, I can’t do it, do it through me.

Offer a prayer for those in need

The last part of the evening routine is lending prayer and support to those in need.

This simply means that you search your consciousness for anyone you know – who, in some way, shape or form are suffering or are going through challenging times.

As individuals begin to pop up in your awareness, you then offer an affirmative prayer for their well being.

You pray that they may find strength and courage to overcome their challenges. That their hearts and souls may be filled with the Spirit‘s love & light and compassion.

Sometimes you may want to include yourself in those prayers. At other times you may want to include the whole of humanity in more of a general prayer.

Just simply be open and available to whatever flows into your consciousness.

This last part of this evening routine brings forth a deeper sense of connection between you and your fellow humans.

It reminds you that the good of one is the good of all. But it may also evoke in you a strengthened sense that you have something to give.

That you have something to offer. Even when you are not physically in touch with an individual.

We, at The Love & Light Store, wish for you a wonderful sense of harmony and joy as you make a habit of ending your day with this beautiful evening routine.


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