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The Love & Light Store is a loving santuary for the awakening being. A place where you may feel safe and secure to explore the spiritual realm. A place where you will be lovingly supported to move forth along the path of awakening, along the path of your soul’s unfolding.


God is not an anthropomorphic man in the sky. God is a loving presence, always supporting us, guiding us along our unique path. God is us, we are God.

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Spiritual Unfolding

Spirituality is seeking to increasingly see that which is True and Real, beyond appearances, letting go of that which no longer serves us.

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Gratitude – the art of realizing and acknowledging the good of God everywhere, even when in the midst of a challenge or seeming calamity.

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Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is the fundament of conscious spiritual growth. It means building spiritual muscles that will help us remain sane in an insane world.

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 Affirmative Prayer

Praying in an affirmative way is describing that which we desire fully knowing that in the infinite mind of God, we have already received it.

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Through the practice of visioning, we make ourselves open and available for that seeking to emerge in and through us to come forth.

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Sacred manifestation

Dream the Life that you desire, and you will live the dream. This is sacred manifestation, aligning with the sacred laws.

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Spiritual unfolding is all about letting go that we may surrender allowing God to guide and lead us along our unique path – come what may.

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Spiritual Teachers

We have collected a vast number of videos from spiritual teachers around the globe. Allow yourself to be inspired and empowered by them.

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Latest blog posts

The Spirit of God is infinite, pure Love. Which means that there is no spot where God is not. God is always for all of us, never against any of us. The will of the spirit and our Divine purpose is one and the same, to forever, grow, unfold and expand.

God, what is it and what is the loving will of God?

Most individuals, whether they know it or not – have a relationship with God. Some turn to the loving presence for guidance and support. Others turn to it when in[…]

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There is only perfect order in the cosmos. Vibration is cause, manifestation is effect. The Law of attraction truly is the key to Divine manifestation and order, and the vibration of gratitude is the key to the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction – the key to Divine manifestation

Nothing ever happens out of luck, chance, or coincidence. There is only Divine order in the cosmos, and everything that manifests adheres to this order. Which is why an understanding[…]

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Coming back to the nowness of this moment through meditation holds the ego a bay and allows for the peace of God to reign supreme

Without meditation the ego begins to take over

It is no news to me that without regular sessions of meditation, the peace that normally is the order of my day, begins to dissolve. I can feel this happening[…]

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What is spirituality vs. religion? What is our Divine purpose and why is God and Life one and the same? Which spirutal practices work best? Read more here.

Spirituality – what is the spiritual path?

Spirituality is about realizing and pursuing the Divine purpose of our existence. The spiritual path is a journey of discovery within ourselves. This means realizing our own Divine nature, leaning[…]

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Hi, my name is Daniel Roquéo. Besides being the founder of The Love & Light Store, I am also a freelance writer which means that help my clients write inspiring, empowering and uplifting content for their websites, blogs, newsletters, and so forth.

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