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The Love & Light Store is a loving santuary for the awakening being.

A place where you may feel safe and secure to explore the spiritual realm.

A place where you will be lovingly supported to move forth along the path of awakening, along the path of your soul’s unfolding.

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We are grateful and honored that Daniel Roquéo has been invited to be a Top Mentor on the new, innovative, and ground breaking Wisdom App.

The purpose of the Wisdom App is to create a space in which conversations that matter can take place.

It is a space where teachers and mentors can engage in live conversations with their audience.

We invite you to join Daniel for live conversations about things that matter.

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The Path to Freedom podcast

The Path to Freedom Podcast is a weekly and practical podcast is about spirituality and the principles of Life.

Its intention is to move, touch, inspire, empower, and uplift us to develop a healing consciousness, that we may forever allow for greater and grander expressions of who and what we are to emerge with ease and grace.

The Path to Freedom podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, and in many other places where podcasts can be found..

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The path to freedom podcast

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is about waking up to the truth and the essence of who and what you.

That forever greater and grander expressions of this who and what may emerge, with ease, and grace.

It is about you releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves you; those small and limited thought patterns, opinions, perceptions, beliefs, perspectives, fears, worries, and doubts.

That you may forever be increasingly open and available for peace, love, creativity, wholeness, joy, harmony, abundance and freedom to express itself, in, as, and through you.

As a spiritual counselor, it is my honor and privilege to lovingly and intuitively listen and point you in the along the path of freedom and awakening – toward the truth of your being.

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God is not an anthropomorphic man in the sky. God is a loving presence, always supporting us, guiding us along our unique path. God is us, we are God.

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Spiritual Unfolding

Spirituality is seeking to increasingly see that which is True and Real, beyond appearances, letting go of that which no longer serves us.

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Gratitude – the art of realizing and acknowledging the good of God everywhere, even when in the midst of a challenge or seeming calamity.

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Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice is the fundament of conscious spiritual growth. It means building spiritual muscles that will help us remain sane in an insane world.

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 Affirmative Prayer

Praying in an affirmative way is describing that which we desire fully knowing that in the infinite mind of God, we have already received it.

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Through the practice of visioning, we make ourselves open and available for that seeking to emerge in and through us to come forth.

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Sacred manifestation

Dream the Life that you desire, and you will live the dream. This is sacred manifestation, aligning with the sacred laws.

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Spiritual unfolding is all about letting go that we may surrender allowing God to guide and lead us along our unique path – come what may.

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Spiritual Teachers

We have collected a vast number of videos from spiritual teachers around the globe. Allow yourself to be inspired and empowered by them.

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Latest blog posts

I have been trying to make it happen

For the last few weeks, I have been experiencing discomfort within. Most of the joy, the inspiration and the creativity that I have becomes so used to have been missing.[…]

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The Love & LIght Store Academy has emerged. It is to be a bridge between the seeker and the teacher, the teacher and the seeker. For the benefit of humanity

The Love & Light Store Academy has emerged

It came to me on the morning of Christmas Eve. Usually, I have my most creative hours between 5 and 8 am, and as usual, I was sitting with my[…]

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You are living in a feeling universe. A universe that corresponds to your feeling tone, the nature of your song. Feel it, speak it, and you will see it.

You need to feel it if you want to see it

When we talk about sacred and Divine manifestation, you need to realize that the sacred laws do not only respond to what you think. But even more so to what[…]

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There is no lack, there in only abundance. You are always abundantly provided for - if you only allow it

You are always provided for

In each moment God is with you. In each and every moment you have more than you need (which is not saying that you always have all you want). This[…]

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